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Gorgeous Half Bathroom and Powder Room Design Ideas

Gorgeous Half Bathroom and Powder Room Design Ideas

Give your half bathroom or powder room a refresh with these ultra-stylish ideas.

Go Southwestern

Fill your powder room with earthy elements to make your guests feel like they’re out west. For example, create an accent wall using forest green paint and add in natural textures through woven rugs and planters. Finish the look with a framed map of a favorite camping or hiking location.

Midcentury Magic

Inject instant character and personality into a stark white powder room by incorporating a midcentury vanity — no paint or wallpapering necessary. Make the vanity the focal point and use it to balance out otherwise bland elements, such as basic white walls or a beige tile floor. Use fixtures to enhance your vanity — brass fixtures will give it a more vintage look, while minimalist black hardware will modernize it.

Paint Your Paneling

Rather than removing paneling, consider painting it. Not only is it much easier to paint wood paneling than remove it, the color will update your space without getting rid of any historical texture. Other ways to help refresh the room include bringing in modern sconces, using fun wallpaper, and installing trendy cabinet pulls. Tip: When painting over your paneling, consider using a neutral color like black, white or gray paint for the most staying power.

Penny Tile Secret Message

Take a walk on the fun side by slipping a secret message into your penny tile floors for guests to discover. In a themed bathroom, consider a word or phrase that makes sense given the surroundings. The classic “Wash Your Hands” would work in a more standard bathroom, as would something cute like “No Diving.”

Wild Wallpaper

Give your small bathroom a touch of whimsy with flamboyant animal-themed wallpaper, such as pink flamingos. The vibrant walls bring maximum personality and your guests will have no trouble primping and preening. Balance the over-the-top nature of the print with a simple mirror and pedestal sink.

Enticing Entryway

Create interest in your powder room by giving it an unusual entry, such as subbing a sliding barn door for the typical hinged door. Use a door with a darker finish and more pronounced wood grain to bring a rustic touch to a space, and one with a lighter color for a more contemporary look. Add a unique light fixture or lighted sign near the door to draw even more attention.

Statement Floor

Statement floors are totally on trend right now. Achieve the look in your powder room by pairing an ornate floor tile with neutral walls and simple furnishings so that the tile stands out. (Budget-friendly vinyl adhesive tiles can also be used to achieve this look.) If you’re afraid that the space will seem to bland this way, try adding a little glam by incorporating tastefully chic features like a gold-trimmed mirror, waste basket and towel rack.

A Tiny Bit of Terrazzo

Walking the line between whimsy and Italian tradition, terrazzo is a perfect fit for a fashion-forward bathroom. Consider using it on the top of your vanity, where the lively tile can be the main focus. It’s also a great way to inject some life into a neutral color scheme.

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