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High-Drama Black Flowers and Plants

High-Drama Black Flowers and Plants

If you’re looking to add high drama to your containers or garden beds, here are some incredibly Goth black flowers and plants to consider.

‘Black Delight’ Viola

When it comes to a true black bloomer, ‘Black Delight’ viola is a hard one to beat. Jet black, they are a great choice for cool-season plantings in pots or beds, and in milder regions may actually flower all winter long.

Persian Lily

A striking and statuesque plant, Persian lily (Fritillaria persica) blooms in late spring, gracing gardens with spikes of bell-shaped blossoms in deep purple-black. Grown from heirloom bulbs, this plant was seen as early as 1585 in places like Syria, Iran, Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine. It prefers a sunny spot with well-drained soil and is hardy in Zones 5-8.

Hellebores ‘Dark and Handsome’

The black blossoms of the ‘Dark and Handsome’ hellebores make their grand entrance in early to mid-spring, before there is much of anything else flowering. Because it blooms around the time of Lent, it is also known as Lenten rose. Its leathery, thick leaves tend to keep the deer at bay. A perennial, it is hardy in Zones 4-9, and thrives in part or full shade.

‘Cantor Black’ Calla Lily

‘Cantor Black’ Calla lily produces tall, vertical blooms with a shiny purple-black color encircled by spotted green foliage. A native to South Africa, it is a gorgeous addition to summer flower beds and makes a beautiful cut flower. Keep in mind that it also grows well in containers and can be relocated inside during the cold months.

‘Black Magic’ Mangave

A tropical succulent that makes a bold statement in containers and planting beds alike, ‘Black Magic’ mangave features small spikes along the leaf edges that kick up their fright factor a notch or two. They thrive in full sun, where the leaf color is darkest. Plants can winter indoors at temperatures of 60 degrees Fahrenheit or above. Although its leaf color fades over the winter, the black hue returns in the spring after a few weeks outside in full sun. It is hardy in Zones 9-11.

‘Night Embers’ Sedum

An absolute stunner in the summer garden, this perennial’s dark black-purple leaves make its pink blooms and dark red stems almost glow in contrast. Flower heads provide interest in the winter. Similar to all sedums, ‘Night Embers’ thrives in the sun and is drought-tolerant. However, having shade in the afternoon will help prevent leaf scorch in the warmest zones. The plant is hard in Zones 3-9.

Black Coral Bells

For those looking for a plant that appears downright ghoulish alongside more standard foliage, ‘Northern Exposure’ black coral bells is a great choice. It’s smoky chocolate leaves definitely bring a deep, dark note to planting beds. In addition, the undersides of the leaves are red. A versatile coral bells variety, it will grow anywhere from full sun to full shade, and is hardy in Zones 3-9.

Black Hollyhock

Featuring deep maroon-black flowers on tall stems, black hollyhocks are a popular choice in modern cottage gardens. The mysterious black color pairs perfectly with yellow yarrow, yellow marigolds and sunflowers. It thrives in full sun and is hardy in Zones 4-10.

Ligularia Dentata ‘Britt-Marie Crawford’

Considered a must-have for any Goth garden, this perennial features deep, burgundy-chocolate foliage and brilliant yellow flowers. As a leopard plant variety, it loves shade and blooms in the late summer to early fall. It makes a stunning border plant. Consider it for Zones 4-9.

‘Twilight Magic’ Crape Myrtle

Boasting near-black leaves and pink flowers that bloom from midsummer to fall, ‘Twilight Magic’ crape myrtle brings a striking contrast that will surely dress up your landscape. This plant makes an excellent alternative to disease-prone purple leaf plums. It is hardy in Zones 7-9.

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