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Hot Interior Design Trends for 2020

Hot Interior Design Trends for 2020

Goodbye 2019, hello 2020. With the new year (and new decade!) comes bold colors, luxe textures and gorgeous patterns. Read on to find inspiration for a minor room refresh or a total renovation.


Cozy, high-end looking, and durable (especially with pets), velvet on upholstered furniture and home accents is here to stay for awhile. While many worry about velvet being too formal or hard to clean, that’s just not the case anymore. With modern performance enhancements, today’s velvet fabrics offer a livable luxury. Pet hair brushes off easily and the fabric, although durable, is super luxe. Consider elevating your space this year with a jewel-toned velvet statement sofa or a splash of elegant velvet throw pillows.

Caned Furniture

A decorative technique that has been around for centuries, caning has seen surges in popularity throughout history. Well, it’s having another moment — this time with an updated look for the 21st century, one that is well-recognized, highly durable and works in all types of environments.

The versatility of caning is what makes it such a great design choice. Designers enjoy changing its scale and color to test the weave’s range. For instance, how can it be incorporated into traditional spaces? Modern spaces? On beds, lighting, or other decorative pieces? In other words, caning is not just for chairs anymore.

Caned furniture and accents are perfect for adding depth and textural interest to a neutral color palette. In addition, caning can be paired with other natural materials like raw wood, linen and wool for a fresh, organic look. Or for a more modern twist, look for pieces with sleek lines or bold accent colors.

Statement Headboards

As far as bedroom decor trends go, statement headboards are where it’s at in 2020. Think thoughtfully designed pieces featuring interesting shapes, odd textures or unique materials.

A few tips before adding a statement headboard to your bedroom:

1. Consider how the fabric or design will mesh with your space.
2. Choose a style that ties in with other elements in the room, like the curtain pattern or dresser finish.
3. If you’re looking to take a risk, use a statement headboard to try out a bold design before committing to a whole-room change.

Colorful Botanicals

With the continued growth of indoor gardening and decorative houseplants, homeowners are reaching even further towards nature with outdoor-inspired colors and prints. Plus, the saturation of the design world in neutrals and solids for several years is also pushing homeowners into looking for color and patterns again. That’s why botanicals are a strong trend that will continue into 2020 and beyond.

Whether on artwork, wallcoverings, decor, or fabric, botanical prints help liven up a room regardless of your design style. Florals (both modern and traditional) bring levels of color in an organic, livable way. If you’re looking to incorporate botanicals into your home, try starting small with throw pillows or a decorative vase featuring a nature-inspired pattern. For a big impact, consider a leafy wallpaper or a colorful floral rug.


Daybeds are no longer just for kids’ rooms! More sophisticated versions are now being used in adult bedrooms, living rooms, and even outside in outdoor living spaces. Designers like them because of the relaxing vibe they bring, and homeowners like that they are inviting and practical. Useful as a sofa or a bed, favorite spots to add them are guest bedrooms, dens and home offices, in addition to children’s bedrooms and playrooms.

Modern daybeds are now available in a variety of high-end looks, including details like spindles, caning, luxurious upholstery fabrics, and tufted designs. Some even feature cubbies and drawers for those who appreciate extra storage.

Textured Wallcoverings

Subtle and sophisticated, textured wallpaper adds depth and interest to a room, and makes a statement without shouting. It also gives a room a layer of coziness, which is particularly welcome in areas like bedrooms, living rooms and smaller spaces like powder rooms.

Modern varieties include traditional paste-and-paper coverings as well as peel-and-stick options. They come in a wide range of textural designs, such as linen, embossed patterns, grasscloth, and even faux wood. Depending on your aesthetic, textured wallcoverings can be used to bring glamour or a more subtle, earthy look. It can even be used on the ceiling to draw eyes upward.

Stylish Sconces

Lighting serves a definite functional purpose in your home, but did you know that more artful, aesthetically pleasing fixtures are gaining in popularity? Specifically wall sconces. In fact, now available in a wider variety of sculptural shapes and finishes, wall sconces are prettier and more eye-catching than ever. They also don’t take up surface or floor space and can serve as wall decor, making them easy additions to small spaces and transition areas like hallways. Plus, many sconces are plug-in and no longer require an electrician for hardwiring assistance so you can install them yourself.

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