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Hot Seasonal Design Trends Happening Right Now

Hot Seasonal Design Trends Happening Right Now

The warm summer days are now behind us, and with the onset of cooler temperatures, numerous people are enthusiastically exchanging their spring and summer home decor for items inspired by autumn.

While traditional items like pumpkins, warm color schemes, and autumn leaves remain popular, exploring fresh decor trends could bring a new look to your home this season. Here are some suggestions to consider for fall:

1. Deep Jewel Tones

The classic earthy shades of fall remain timeless, yet this year anticipates more jewel tones making their way into home decors. Envision deep purples, burgundies, emerald greens, and royal blues adding a fun variation to the conventional autumn colors. The result? A bold, yet welcoming ambiance.

Integrating these rich tones can be done in numerous ways, with textiles being a favored choice. Opulent fabrics that are also cozy, like velvet, work well with jewel tones, making them ideal for throw pillows, window dressings, or even seasonal decorations like stuffed pumpkins. Alternatively, fresh flower arrangements are an excellent option as many autumnal blooms naturally exhibit jewel tones. Consider varieties like mums, dahlias, marigolds, zinnias, among others.

2. Organic Elements

Embrace autumn by inviting nature indoors this season. The trend of biophilic design continues to hold sway, making the integration of natural elements a simple yet effective method to align your decor with the seasonal transition.

This fall, the popularity of dried flowers and grasses like pampas grass and wheat is on the rise, along with the use of rustic wooden accents. Consider adding a bowl filled with seasonal fruits or vegetables to your kitchen or dining area, making a delightful nod to the harvest season.

3. Lots of Texture

Autumn is the perfect season for texture, which lends a warm and cozy ambiance when integrated into a space — ideal for the crisp fall months. Use things like dried florals, natural wood, woven baskets, and dense fabrics to inject some texture into your decor this season.

Textures with a “nubby” feel like thick wool and boucle are anticipated to be hot. You can easily include them in your home through items like ottomans, throw pillows and blankets, and other textile elements, which can be swapped out as spring makes its return.

4. Understated Opulence

Quiet luxury, a design style birthed in the fashion realm, has transitioned into the domain of interior decor, with experts forecasting a notable uptick in its use this fall.

The spirit of quiet luxury is rooted in subtlety, letting textures and materials take the spotlight. It’s a minimalist approach, but with a keen eye on premium materials to effortlessly evoke a sense of opulence.

Transitioning from summer to fall decor within the quiet luxury framework is quite minimal. Consider introducing warmer hues, replacing summer blooms with a few quality real or fake branches, draping a comfy throw blanket, and blending natural materials like copper and wood into your decor. White pillar candles and candlesticks also serve as excellent additions, elevating the cozy quotient of your space without being excessive.

5. Bold Light Fixtures

The era of disregarding builder-grade light fixtures is behind us. An increasing number of individuals are trading these standard fixtures for bolder alternatives, a trend that designers foresee persisting this fall.

Nowadays, light fixtures are often likened to the home’s jewelry, with emerging designs that double as artistic pieces in the lighting realm. Should your home harbor mundane light fixtures, consider revamping them this fall with captivating statement pieces. For a subtler, less permanent option, introducing a striking table or floor lamp could do the trick. Besides, incorporating additional light sources not only enhances ambient light but also helps a room feel more welcoming, aligning perfectly with the cozy aura of the season.

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