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How to Decorate a Child’s Room With Vintage Style

How to Decorate a Child’s Room With Vintage Style

Timeless and easy on the budget, vintage style is totally on trend. Playfully use thrift store and flea market finds to put this classic look to work in a kid’s room. Here are some pointers to get you started.

Loose Theme

Begin with a loose idea or theme that can be expressed with vintage and second-hand items. See what you already have to work with, and take note which of those items your child is drawn to. For instance, consider a collegiate sports theme to bridge family history and a child’s current interests.

Storage Solution

It’s no secret that kids’ rooms can never have enough storage for hiding away toys and special items. To this end, consider using a small cabinet or chest of drawers as a nightstand instead of a table-style model without any storage. These pieces can typically be found at yard sales and flea markets for less than $50, and are easily refreshed with a coat of paint if need be.

Involve the Kids

Decorating a child’s room can be like walking a tightrope between the parent’s desires and the child’s. While parents tend to have a better handle on what will work long term, the child knows what they like right now. It’s useful for parents to try to steer their kid toward more long-lasting choices, but a good place to indulge the child and let them showcase their current interests is through items that are easily swapped out — like stuffed animals and decorative toys.

Recycled Decor

Save old baseballs or bocce balls no longer being used and give them a new life as decor by displaying them in a basket or glass jar. Other interesting items that can be recycled as decor include favorite T-shirts that no longer fit, old dance shoes, cast-off wooden toys, and so on. Get creative!

Mix It Up

One of the hallmarks of vintage style is giving a room the illusion that it has been decorated with items collected over time. So go ahead, mix and match to get the proper effect — old patchwork quilts with striped bedding, used furniture in different styles and finishes, mismatched pillows. Vintage style is extremely forgiving.

Unconventional Wall Decor

The sky’s the limit when it comes to fun stuff that can be hung on the wall and used as art, from musical instruments to vintage sports memorabilia. For example, a fun choice for a child tennis player might be vintage wooden tennis rackets used as three-dimensional, unconventional art.

Special Secret Spaces

Kids adore little secret places like forts, nooks and alcoves. If your child’s room has any tiny or awkward spaces, consider adding a small desk or a comfy chair to instantly turn it into a favorite spot. Do they want a little privacy? A curtain can easily be installed to add to the fun.

Color Palette

Plan the room’s color palette around a specific texture, fabric or featured item to maintain cohesiveness. For instance, one or two key pieces like a vintage patchwork quilt or interesting window coverings are a great starting point to make other decorating selections easier — like paint color and accessories.

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