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How to Incorporate Spring Colors Into Your Home for Year-Round Beauty

How to Incorporate Spring Colors Into Your Home for Year-Round Beauty

Use the cheerful and sunny shades of spring to add a pop of color to your home any time of the year.

You don’t have to adhere to any rules that say your home can’t be bright and cheery throughout the year, even during the cold winter months. Choosing the right hues that match your preferences can have a significant impact on your mood, give you energy, and make your home feel more inviting. What are considered spring colors? Typically they are bright, refreshing, and uplifting, such as sunshine yellow, tangerine orange, lipstick pink, kelly green, and robin’s egg blue. You can also opt for softer pastel hues of these colors for a more subtle effect. Here are ways to incorporate these fresh spring colors into your home:

1. Highlight a Single Spring Hue

Adding a pop of color to a white kitchen is a great way to prevent it from looking too sterile. While a white kitchen can look sleek and stylish, introducing a bold and bright color will give it a fresh and inviting feel. For instance, a bright aquamarine shade can lend a tropical vibe to your space. Similarly, other spring colors like canary, lilac, or tangerine can be used to create a similar effect.

2. Complementary Bursts of Color

After you’ve selected the ideal wall color, it’s effortless to enhance it with complementary shades throughout the rest of your decor. If you have a neutral rug and furnishings in a powder blue room with vibrant magenta accents, for example, the more reserved rug and furniture colors can keep the room’s palette from becoming overpowering, and allow the magenta to unify everything. Additionally, swapping out spring hues like pink throw pillows, flowers, and decorative items for other colors is a simple way to update your decor as the seasons change or your tastes evolve.

3. Neutral Bonus

Starting with a neutral base, such as neutral walls and bedding, provides a stable foundation for incorporating colorful textiles that create an eye-catching contrast. By selecting a boldly patterned duvet and pillow shams in a bedroom, for example, you can effortlessly introduce a wide range of colors to the space. The advantage of starting with a subdued palette is that adding patterns eliminates the need to worry about matching colors, simplifying the decorating process.

4. Change It Up

Investing in a bold statement piece, such as a bright pink sofa, can add personality to your space. When choosing a color, opt for one that you can easily incorporate into different seasonal palettes. For example, a room with green and yellow accents and colorful artwork works well for spring and summer, while introducing grays and plums can transition the space for fall and winter. By committing to one bold color, you can easily swap out smaller decor items to update your space with the changing seasons.

5. Brighten Bookcases

You don’t have to commit to a long-term change to add spring colors to your decor. One easy and reversible way to do this is by painting the inside of your bookcases. This trick is perfect for adding a dose of vibrant color to your space without overwhelming it. It’s also an ideal solution for renters or those on a tight budget, as it’s a quick and affordable weekend DIY project. Whether your bookcases are freestanding or built into the wall, painting the inside of them is a simple way to update your space.

6. Unexpected Color Use

While a breakfast nook or banquette may not be the first thing on your decor to-do list, it’s a perfect opportunity to add a pop of color to your home. Infusing a bright and bold color into this space can create an atmosphere that is cheerful and energizing, whether you’re enjoying your morning coffee, having family dinner or hosting game night. Don’t underestimate the impact of a small, colorful touch.

7. Find a Fabric

Another strategy? Begin your color makeover by finding a fabric you love in a spring-inspired pattern like floral or foliage. It’s a decorating method that’s almost foolproof. Simply choose curtains or fabric that you like and coordinate the wall color to one of the shades in the pattern. And if you want to keep going, you can pull out other colors from the fabric and incorporate them into your furnishings and decor.

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