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How to Know If a Trend is Timeless

How to Know If a Trend is Timeless

Find out if a trend can stand the test of time, as well as ways to ensure your style remains timeless.

With endless information available to us, keeping up with home trends is more convenient than ever before. However, this can also be overwhelming. So, how do you decide which current styles are worthy of your attention?

Simple. Listen to the ongoing discussions, form your own judgments, and embrace what aligns with your tastes while disregarding the rest. After all, trends are just discussions, and we’re not obliged to join each one.

Many times, interior designers notice clients embracing the latest styles just to be trendsetters. If it genuinely brings you joy, by all means, dive in. But if you’re only chasing the trend, think twice before buying.

And if you find a trend that appeals to you? It’s about balance. Make classic items your foundation, and then let your fabrics, artwork, and decorative pieces lean into a particular style or theme. Above all, prioritize your tastes and always opt for quality, design, and practicality. By adhering to this principle, you’ll always cherish the items you acquire.

Understand Your Own Style

The initial step in recognizing timeless trends is cultivating your design confidence, and the most effective approach to doing this is pinpointing your own unique style. While fashion is short-lived, style is everlasting and distinctive. When selecting furnishings, think about how they align with your way of life and whether they make you happy visually.

Instead of focusing on whether your style aligns with current trends, remain loyal to your preferences and incorporate them into your space. It’s this personalized touch that lends a timeless character to a style.

The bottom line? Embrace what you truly adore, irrespective of its popularity. Ultimately, your happiness in your own space is what matters.

Go With Nature

When a trend aligns with natural elements, be it in color, material, or texture, you’re on a stable path. Nature consistently holds relevance in interior design. Often, achieving a timeless look simply involves integrating organic materials like wood, stone, marble, and fabrics. Currently, the focus is on eco-friendliness and the need to safeguard our environment, whether through repurposing vintage items or selecting manufacturers that prioritize sustainable practices.

Trends rooted in these values, or those that include a touch of the natural world, inherently have more depth, potentially leading to their prolonged relevance. Our innate attraction to nature and the desire to blend it into our living spaces is a trend unlikely to fade in the foreseeable future.

Simplicity is Key

Certain trends show lasting charm right from the beginning. A common principle they often share is: The more straightforward the design, the more enduring its appeal. Take subway tile as an example. This classic material fits seamlessly in both historic homes and modern constructions. Though versatile in color, material, and design, its classic aesthetic remains unchanged regardless of its application.

Pick and Choose

Regardless of how simple or captivating a design trend appears, it can easily seem overused if not in harmony with its surroundings. When classic items are overshadowed by an abundance of overly trendy items, even the most timeless piece can seem out of place. Introducing bold trends but in a subtle way can help showcase the classic pieces.

To prevent current items from appearing immediately out of style and, likewise, to ensure that traditional pieces remain fresh, think about blending various designs. Essentially, choose trendy items that complement other interior styles. This ensures that as your home evolves, these pieces remain compatible.

Research Before Investing

A common pitfall interior designers observe among clients is overcommitting to a particular trend. For instance, heavily investing in a trend and integrating it throughout various rooms can become overwhelming. Additionally, excessively indulging in a trend may lead to higher expenses down the line when updating your space.

It’s wiser to be deliberate about where you invest and how frequently you make changes. Prior research, both in terms of finances and personal design inclinations, can be beneficial in the long run.

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