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How to Maximize Natural Light in Your Home

How to Maximize Natural Light in Your Home

There is nothing better than natural lighting to bring life and positive energy to a home. While there are a lot of ways to do this, here are some clever design ideas to let the sunshine in!

Brighten Up a Basement Room

Often windowless, basement rooms can easily become dark and dungeon-like. Consider adding a long, thin window pane in a cathedral-style ceiling to let light in from above. Light-colored walls will reflect the light into the rest of the room.

Likewise, a similar technique can be used for second-story rooms by incorporating a strip of glass flooring that lets light in from the room below.

Bring Light to a Stairway

Notorious for being dark, stairs are often a tricky part of the home to illuminate effectively. Installing a glass roof light is one way to combat this. Not only does the roof light add height and drama to the stairway, it brings daylight down through the house.

Another way to lighten up a stairway is to install glass balustrades. The heavy glass screening makes for a bright, open, modern look, and ensures any natural light can penetrate all areas of the landing and rooms below.

Make the Most of Extensions

If you have any plans of extending your home to add more kitchen or dining space, consider working a large roof light into the picture. While large, seamless windows in the roof have a strong architectural impact, a series of Velux-type windows make a great budget-friendly alternative.

Install a Glass Wall

Adding a room divide does not mean you have to block out light. Using Crittall-style glass walls is a great alternative, as is a glass block dividing wall. The latter won’t let as much light through, but is a better choice for privacy. For bedrooms, switchable glass — which changes from opaque to translucent with the flip of a switch — is a great option.

Connect to the Outside

Incorporating large windows and doors to your home’s design, that open up to the sky or backyard, are a perfect way to let in daylight — and fresh air. Whether it is a sliding roof light over the kitchen or simple bifolding doors leading out into the garden, your space will be bright with a natural connection to the outdoors.

Use Materials that Reflect Light

When figuring out what materials to use in your home, opt for ones that help reflect light. Bright white walls, pale neutrals, and shiny, polished floors all bounce daylight throughout a room and encourage the peaceful, airy feel that a well-lit room provides.

Bring in the Mirrors

Another way to create a feeling of space and light is to add a mirror or two. Remember, mirrors are not just for bathrooms. Feel free to add the occasional decorative mirror here and there throughout your home.

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