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Interior Design Ideas to Pamper Your Pet

Interior Design Ideas to Pamper Your Pet

Pets use their homes just like we do — to sleep, eat and relax. Isn’t it time to throw them a bone by making the house more friendly to their needs? Show your pet you care with these stylish, dog- and cat-friendly design ideas.

Much like giving your home a refresh before the arrival of a new baby, pet owners are looking to find ways to put their furry friends first. Here are seven ideas centered on accommodating the habits of our animal friends, including naps, baths and feeding times.

1. Universal Pet Station

Transform a corner of your laundry room or mudroom into an all-in-one pet station. Yes, this is a time when it’s appropriate to pull out a cabinet to make room for a dog bed or to use a low drawer to house food bowls. Store all pet-related items in this space so that everything you need to wash, groom, feed or walk your pet is easy to locate and use.

2. Built-In Food Dishes

If you prefer feeding your pets in the kitchen, consider adding an extension to the side of your island for a built-in feeding station. The food and water bowls slip into custom openings so that they stay in place and out of the way of foot traffic. Use airtight containers to store pet food and treats closeby. You can also incorporate hooks or a shelf to hold leashes and other pet necessities.

3. Pull-Out Feeding Station

This is an easy fix to keep your kitty’s food bowls safe and out of the way, especially if you have multiple pets. Give one of your kitchen’s shallow toe-kick drawers a new purpose by making it into a pull-out feeding station. Take it one step further by conveniently dedicating a nearby cabinet for cat food and other pet essentials.

4. Concealed Dog Bed

If you’re having trouble finding a spot for your pet’s bed, try altering a kitchen or laundry room cabinet into a comfy nook. For instance, turn a corner cabinet into a kennel by inserting a cozy dog bed and replacing the standard cabinet door with one made from wire mesh.

5. Bathing Station

If you have the room and the budget, consider making your pet’s bathtime more efficient by putting in a customized pet shower. Create a dog-washing station that is easy to clean, raised up so that it’s easy on your back, and includes a handheld sprayer as well as a spot to store bath supplies. Finish it off by personalizing the space with dog-related wall decor.

6. Cozy Wall-Mounted Cat Perch

If you’d like to avoid awkward and bulky indoor cat trees, consider mounting a cozy cat bed right to the wall instead. Simply find a well-made basket and attach it to the wall with screws and extra-large washers. The washers will help balance the weight and reduce wear on the basket materials. Use a plush blanket to line the interior of the basket and you’ll have a cozy spot for your cat to relax and watch over the room.

7. Full-Scale Pet Station

For those with large dogs, converting a single cabinet into an all-in-one pet station isn’t going to do the job. Instead, consider incorporating a dog bed between built-in cupboards in a spacious mudroom or laundry room. Tie the cabinetry together by creating a dog bed frame and painting it to match the rest of the cabinets. Use a coordinating fabric on the bed as well. The surrounding cabinets can be used to store pet toys, food and other pet-related items.

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