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Interior Paint Trends Gaining Momentum This Year

Interior Paint Trends Gaining Momentum This Year

Elevate your home’s interior by embracing the latest trends in painting.

Refreshing the look of our homes can be done easily and economically by painting, avoiding the need for extensive and costly remodeling. The choice of paint colors is just the beginning; figuring out the techniques to apply the paint to walls, ceilings, and floors is the next step. Here are five top painting methods that will make your home shine in 2024.

1. DIY Chalk Paint

Introduce texture to your living space with a DIY chalk-paint effect by simply adding baking soda to your interior paint. Alternatively, create this appearance by incorporating Plaster of Paris into the paint and using it to elevate the appearance of items like second-hand glassware or an old lamp. Wondering about the ideal colors for such projects? Opting for a soft black can introduce depth and character, while a creamy, neutral beige offers a vintage, faux plaster appearance.

2. Color Drenching

Embrace the monochrome trend (also known as color drenching) in 2024 by fully committing to a single color. Particularly popular are rooms painted in rich shades like a deep, dark green or a moody blue-gray. Applying the same color to the walls, ceiling, and trim can enhance the appearance of natural wood elements and lighting within the room.

3. Paint Floors in a Pattern

Consider painting the floor to add a distinctive flair to your area. A popular method among designers is to rejuvenate worn floors with special patterns, such as a subtle plaid. If your wooden floors show signs of wear, transforming them with a creative design could be the solution. Start by designing your pattern, then prime and apply a base coat to the floor. Following that, use tape to outline your design and paint the remaining sections. The final step involves removing the tape to reveal your design, and possibly enhancing it with fine accent lines, resulting in an impressively customized painted floor.

4. Mix & Match Paint Finishes

Experimenting with different paint finishes on walls is another trend gaining traction this year, adding interest and transforming spaces from mundane to remarkable. To try it in your home, simply go with a monochrome color scheme but vary the finishes for effect: apply full gloss (the glossiest option) on the trim and lower half of the walls for enhanced durability and to reflect light, while using flat (the most matte option) on the upper sections to add depth and highlight architectural features. This trend is expected to be a big one for 2024.

5. Glossy Ceilings

Ceilings deserve more than just the traditional white paint, and painting them the same shade as your walls is a trend on the rise. While it’s common to see ceilings in a standard, neutral tone, there’s no mandate to say they have to. The trend of matching ceiling and wall colors is set to surge in 2024, driven by the desire to move away from letting the ceiling dictate room dimensions. In addition to choosing a color for your ceiling, consider opting for a full gloss finish to add a touch of drama. The use of gloss can transform the space, adding elegance and enhancing the reflection of natural light to illuminate the room more effectively.

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