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Must-Know Tips for Decorating Awkward Bedroom Corners

Must-Know Tips for Decorating Awkward Bedroom Corners

Do you have an empty, uncomfortable nook in your bedroom that’s been bugging you? Here are three fool-proof solutions to take care of it.

While overcrowding a room with furniture is not a good idea, it is wise to maximize the use of available space, especially if your bedroom is on the compact side. Maybe you have thought about various ways to enhance this particular corner, but nothing has really clicked. Here are some proven ideas for effectively utilizing that awkward spot.

1. Add a Chair

Imagine a setup that brings vertical interest and coziness to those empty corners in your bedroom. A reliable option is to place a comfortable armchair and a floor lamp together. This arrangement not only adds layers and warmth but also provides a practical use for the otherwise unused space.

If the area is too tight for a full-sized armchair, a footstool can be an effective alternative. If you find you have extra room, don’t hesitate to get inventive with additional elements for your corner.

For instance, think about installing a mini beverage station next to your armchair. Picture yourself winding down after a long day, book and drink in hand; it’s a delightful scenario.

To make this vision a reality, opt for a compact, wheeled bar cart. This allows you the flexibility to move it as needed. Position the cart beside your armchair, where it can double as both a holder for drink ingredients and a handy side table. Fill the cart with must-have drink items: spirits, mixers, bar utensils, and a pair of chic glasses to complete the look.

When it’s not in use for personal relaxation, the cart can also serve as an extra station whenever you’re entertaining.

2. Stash a Tall Plant

If you’re not a fan of accent chairs, consider placing a tall plant in a decorative pot into that empty corner. You can position it next to your nightstand, for instance. While the thought of adding a large plant to your space might be daunting for some, remember that both authentic and artificial plants are acceptable options here.

If the corner is near a window and gets a lot of natural light, a real plant could flourish. However, if that part of your room is dimly lit or you lack gardening skills, it might be wise to opt for an artificial plant. There are numerous techniques to make synthetic plants look lifelike, so don’t stress about your artificial fiddle leaf fig looking unconvincing. For a finishing touch, place your faux plant in a stylish pot to bring more visual interest to the room.

3. Showcase a Sculptural Object

Sculptural pieces can add charm to a bedroom corner, and without breaking the bank. You don’t have to invest in expensive or grandiose items made of marble or bronze to elevate the space. In fact, your chosen sculptural objects can also be practical. For instance, ornamental baskets are a great option to fill a corner and maintain the room’s airy feel.

Alternative sculptural options could be sizable pieces crafted from paper-mâché, wood, or stone. These materials bring immediate texture and depth to your space.

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