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Must-Try Kitchen Hardware Trends

Must-Try Kitchen Hardware Trends

Here are five cabinet pull and knob trends to keep an eye on this year.

Attention to detail is essential when designing a stylish, charming kitchen that exudes personality. The hardware is a key feature that reinforces the overall look and feel of the space. Although often overlooked, it’s an element that ties everything together.

Investing in kitchen cabinet hardware is worthwhile due to three factors. First, it adds to the design of the space and how it functions. Secondly, it’s frequently used, meaning it receives daily wear and tear. Finally, it’s a tactile component that should feel comfortable in your hand and have a suitable weight.

While it may seem overwhelming, remember that hardware can be easily replaced without requiring a complete kitchen renovation. Use these five kitchen hardware trends to inspire a kitchen refresh, whether it be a complete overhaul or just a quick, one-day project.

1. Shades of Gray

The finish and color of hardware can have a significant impact on the overall look of a space. A good example of this is the shiny gold hardware that was trendy a few decades ago. Cabinet pulls and handles have definitely become more understated in recent years, but current trends are even more accommodating. After the popularity of matte black hardware, we are now seeing a softer but bolder approach to the color. Charcoal, gunmetal, and nickel grays are some of the shades that are in demand. This finish frequently features a more reflective appearance (not flat), bringing more light to the room, which is especially useful for small spaces or ones with limited natural light.

For a warm and cozy feel, consider pairing charcoal gray fixtures or hardware with high-contrast black-and-white marble countertop and backsplash slabs, along with walnut wood cabinets. This combination works well to bring warmth and balance.

2. Wood Finishes

Wood finishes are making a big comeback this year. Natural grain cabinets have been on trend for several years, and now wood hardware is also gaining popularity. The latest? Wood pulls with organic shapes that highlight the natural grain. These can provide a modern touch to a kitchen or add a rustic element, depending on the context.

3. Ornate Details

Hardware is playing a significant role in adding personality to spaces this year, which can be challenging to achieve when working with standard metal knobs and pulls. That could be why there’s a growing interest in hardware pieces with traditional or ornate details. Particularly effective? Using decorative hardware in a pantry or bar, as they are enclosed areas that showcase the handles. For charm and unexpected whimsy without cliche or overwhelm, consider handles shaped like an elaborate bow or with intricate filigree.

Looking for a more subtle approach? Consider classic hardware with softer edges. Curves are becoming increasingly popular in interior design, as seen in things like arched doorways and chairs with rounded frames. These softer silhouettes are also making their way into hardware trends, offering a gentle yet elegant aesthetic.

4. Subdued Texture

Trends in home design have been making their way into kitchens, with texture being a prime example. Initially seen in furniture, lighting, and decor, texture is now adding interest to handles, knobs, and pulls as well. The addition of subtle ribbing and channeling can bring a pleasant tactile element to cabinets and drawers, making it a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms with their many hard, smooth surfaces.

Textural hardware can bring an alluring touch to your kitchen cabinets and drawers. Handcrafted versions, whether hand-carved or forged and hammered, can also achieve a similar effect. With so many ways to incorporate texture into kitchen cabinet hardware, you can easily let this trend take center stage in your kitchen’s design.

5. Mix and Match Materials

Wave goodby to the matchy-matchy aesthetic this year. In its place? Mixing things up. Focus on creating more interest and dimension by combining different textures and finishes.

When it comes to mixing materials in the kitchen, it’s helpful to group them together. For example, you can have one finish for the cabinet hardware, another for the appliances, and yet another for the faucets. Mixing finishes and materials is encouraged within each grouping, but it’s best to keep the finish or material consistent within each group to achieve a cohesive look.

If you want to maintain a more consistent aesthetic, consider using the same finish for all the hardware but varying the style of the pulls. For instance, you can use brass as your finish but opt for a range of different pulls, from basic mushroom knobs to oversized bar pulls. This approach can give your kitchen a more collected feel while still maintaining a cohesive look.

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