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Must-Try Lighting Trends for 2023

Must-Try Lighting Trends for 2023

No longer in vogue: harsh overhead lights.

“Let there be light” is not only an age-old proverb but a fundamental principle when it comes to home design. Appropriately illuminating a room can create an illusion of spaciousness and even make it look cleaner. Want to revamp a space in no time? Replacing a lamp, installing a new sconce, or opting for a new overhead fixture can work wonders. The only challenge is making a decision on what lighting style to choose. Below are five tried-and-true lighting trends to consider this year.

1. Wall Sconces

Wall sconces have been a popular lighting trend for quite some time, but these days many individuals are replacing conventional table lamps in the bedroom with wall sconces situated near their beds. In addition, wall sconces are now being seen in alternative spaces such as baby nurseries, kitchens, and entryways.

Is your bedroom small? Then it might be time to trade in those bedside table lamps for wall-mounted sconces. This approach not only saves space but also reduces clutter. Shaded sconces can be installed with no wiring necessary. Simply replace the lightbulb with a battery-powered puck light.

This lighting trend is a result of the increasing demand for mood lighting, which sconces provide effortlessly. And they can be found in a wide range of natural materials, including plaster, ceramic, marble, and more transitional brass designs.

2. Classic Bell Jar Lighting

Bell jar-shaped lighting is seeing a resurgence in popularity. While modern lighting designs dominated the market up until recently, the timeless and classic bell jar design is making a comeback. Its significance and relevance are once again being acknowledged.

3. Statement Lamps

Looking for a fresh centerpiece for your room? Why not experiment with a playful statement lamp? Statement lamps are a continuing trend that is much beloved — especially those featuring bold stripes, patterns, and vibrant hues. They provide a simple way to infuse any space with character, particularly for maximalists who can never get enough of them.

Statement lamps are also a fantastic addition to monochromatic rooms or any area that requires a splash of color.

4. Picture Lights

As classic designs continue to gain traction, picture lights are witnessing a surge in popularity. The once-traditional and formal look is now finding its way into more relaxed and casual homes. A picture light positioned above a piece of art in the living room or hallway can truly elevate the overall aesthetic of a space.

In short, picture lights are an excellent way to add that final touch of detail or decoration to a room.

5. Smart Lights

Smart lighting can be an intelligent option for homeowners and renters who seek a blend of style and technology. With the ability to be controlled using an app or voice assistant, smart lighting provides convenience and security. From changing colors to create a particular ambiance, to automatically switching on/off or dimming, control is no longer restricted to a switch on the wall. Additionally, smart lighting offers an added layer of protection by making it easy to create the impression of an occupied home when the residents are away.

Smart light bulbs are an excellent choice for those wanting to transform an existing lamp or fixture into smart lighting. Even for individuals who prefer a less high-tech lifestyle, smart lighting often features a battery-backup option that provides peace of mind, ensuring that the lights will stay on even during a power outage.

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