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New Bedroom Decorating Trends for a New Year

New Bedroom Decorating Trends for a New Year

In the upcoming year, anticipate a rise in solid colors, eclectic style combinations, and striking accent walls.

Beyond just offering a peaceful night’s sleep, a thoughtfully designed bedroom can become one of the most soothing places in your house. When considering a makeover for your bedroom this year, transform it into a tranquil sanctuary by embracing the décor trends experts predict will gain popularity.

Expect to see bedrooms in 2024 featuring vibrant, floor-to-ceiling colors, luxuriously soft velvets, and environmentally friendly materials. These decorating ideas are more than just fashionable – they’re designed to enhance your personal style while adding a cozy, functional aspect to your bedroom.

To assist in your bedroom makeover, here’s a rundown of the key bedroom decor trends to watch for in 2024.

1. Textiles in Solid Hues

This year, bedrooms of every size and design will be energized with solid shades such as black, royal blue, burgundy, white, and primary colors. Add life to your room in an on-trend way by incorporating a mix of colorful pillows and throws in various textures. Luxurious velvet and other rich fabrics are excellent choices to enhance the snug, cozy feel of a bedroom. For a harmonious appearance, opt for a white comforter with either bright or warm undertones. If white isn’t to your liking, choose bed linens lighter than the most intense color in your bedroom to gently mellow out the overall color scheme.

2. Mix-and-Match Design Styles

The era of uniformly colored and styled walls is fading. Current trends are teaching us how to curate an eclectic look, which is particularly beneficial for those sharing a space with differing design preferences. Begin by giving each wall its own unique design feature. For instance, dedicate one wall to an art display while covering an adjacent wall with floor-to-ceiling wallpaper. This kind of wall contrast is definitely in vogue. When picking a color or pattern for your room, opt for something bold that truly represents your style and personality.

For added visual intrigue and dimension, experiment with blending different design themes, such as combining bohemian and minimalist elements. But remember, it’s important to approach this trend thoughtfully to achieve a harmonious interior without a disjointed appearance. As an example, if you’re opting for a floral pattern or wallpaper, develop your color scheme based on that design instead of choosing a random color.

3. Natural Materials and Lighting

Focusing on custom lighting can transform your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary. In 2024, the trend is moving towards natural lighting that features the raw beauty of materials such as shell or stone, or showcases creative combinations of layers and textures.

This eco-friendly trend emphasizes the use of sustainable and fashionable materials like alabaster, leather, jute, and wood. Light fixtures crafted in neutral shades that reflect the natural colors of the earth can seamlessly integrate into both modern and traditional decors, as well as colorful environments. For instance, the soft, creamy white shades of alabaster and Capiz shells or the natural tan and brown hues of abaca and rattan provide a gentle contrast in rooms adorned with green or tinted pastels, but they also complement neutral color schemes beautifully.

4. Accent Wall Textures

If you’re hesitant to embrace a strong color, yet eager to experiment with creative décor in your space, consider making one wall the centerpiece. Whether through paint, molding, or wallpaper, delve into patterns and designs that resonate with you. Adorn an accent wall in your bedroom with stripes, florals, or plaids — there are no restrictions or limits.

Also, pay attention to your millwork. Skillful painting can add a subtle yet impactful design element. For instance, consider painting your wainscoting. Whether you choose a vibrant color or a more understated shade, a painted wainscot can introduce a splash of color to a space without overpowering it. When selecting a paint color, drawing inspiration from something in the room, such as a piece of artwork or bedding, can help achieve a cohesive look.

5. Colorful Molding and Trim

Accent walls are not the sole option for infusing color into your room. The once common practice of painting walls in bold colors while keeping trim and molding white has seen a reversal. The current trend focuses on bringing a lively, cheerful splash of color to elements like window trim, door frames, baseboards, and crown moldings.

This year, expect to see a surge in vibrant colors in home decor. If you prefer a toned-down style, opt for muted shades like forest or sage green for an effect that is more subdued.

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