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Relaxation is Key to Outdoor Living This Year

Relaxation is Key to Outdoor Living This Year

Discover the latest and most sought-after ideas for outdoor living, offering a chance to unwind and relax.

This year’s prominent outdoor living trends come from our desire for home-based experiences, to disconnect, and to enhance our existing spaces. Although these may seem like sentiments felt during the height of the pandemic, today’s driving forces are centered around health, wellness, and the impact of an economic downturn.

The significance of self-care and personal time has gained substantial recognition, but can be challenging amidst today’s hectic and overscheduled lifestyle. However, by investing in home-based solutions, individuals can make these pursuits more achievable and practical.

In 2024, homeowners are actively crafting spaces that foster relaxation, allowing them to unplug and unwind. Here are the outdoor living trends that are hot this year.

1. Organic Design

The trend of organic modern style, well-known in interior decorating, is now extending its design influences to the outdoor areas of homes. This aesthetic embraces organic shapes, gentle curves, and softer hardscapes, including pathways adorned with gravel underfoot, outdoor patios defined by naturalistic stone pavers, and pergolas or trellises adorned with heritage vines.

To get that organic modern ambiance in your outdoor space, incorporate color and rich textures through natural elements like wildflowers, ornamental grasses, and olive trees. For a touch of contrast, consider incorporating antique-inspired furniture and decor. Opt for materials that exude a weathered appearance, such as patinaed metal chairs or a reclaimed wood garden bench, as well as natural finishes like rattan and jute, accompanied by timeless vintage clay pots.

To get that contemporary natural design in your exterior space, introduce color and tactile elements through organic elements like wildflowers, decorative grasses, and olive trees. To create a contrasting effect, consider using furnishings and decorations influenced by vintage aesthetics. Opt for materials that exude lived-in charm, such as metal seats with an aged patina or a garden bench made from reclaimed wood. Other timeless materials like rattan, jute, and clay also add to this style.

2. Sensory Pathways

This outdoor trend focuses on creating a space for rejuvenation and engaging the senses, proving that size is not the determining factor but rather the thoughtful selection of design elements. Designers often incorporate delightful sounds, such as bamboo wind chimes or a water feature, to enhance the ambiance.

Texture also plays a vital role in these sensory pathways, with materials like wood and stone being commonly used. Exploring a variety of textures along the path adds visual interest, and a diverse range of plant life, including different colors, shapes, and types of flora, as well as varying heights and depths, presents an opportunity to indulge the eyes.

Naturally, fragrance is also an integral part, like in many gardens. It’s delightful to feature items with pleasant scents, such as lavender. If space permits, consider growing something edible to engage the fifth sense. Not only will you have the pleasure of tasting the results, but you will also enjoy the benefits of gardening.

3. Front Yard Focus

This year, the trend of maximizing the front of your home has gained immense popularity. People are seeking welcoming exteriors that align with their unique interior styles. According to the annual trend report by Pinterest Predicts, there has been a noticeable increase in searches for front door transformations and front door portico ideas. Interestingly, this trend extends beyond traditional home fronts, as there is also growing interest in porch designs for campers.

Rather than focusing on enlarging the front porch, this trend emphasizes designing it to be an eye-catching centerpiece of the front exterior, while also ensuring comfort that encourages one to stay awhile. Keep in mind, making a statement doesn’t necessarily require going for grandiose changes.

Simple updates such as refreshing house numbers and door hardware, incorporating container plants, and opting for stylish doormats can have a significant design impact. If space and budget allow, consider enhancing the comfort of your front yard as well. Expand the functional area of your home by creating an outdoor living room at the front, complete with inviting outdoor seating, a porch swing or hanging chairs, and ambient lighting to set the mood.

4. Outdoor Workout Space

Designers are receiving a high demand for designated outdoor fitness areas, emphasizing the importance of creating a space that effectively supports home workouts. From a design standpoint, it is crucial to ensure this area provides shade, whether through a pergola, a shade sail, or the presence of a well-positioned tree. Additionally, the ground should be relatively level, whether it’s covered with grass, a new stone patio, or a wooden deck.

Having Wi-Fi access is also considered a valuable feature, allowing individuals to stream workout sessions or enjoy motivational music. While providing the right space for floor exercises or a stationary bike is essential, some people are thinking beyond that, envisioning elements like bocce courts, putting greens, or even basketball courts. The key is to utilize the outdoor space to best support your specific interests.

5. Calming Water Features

Backyards are also getting a heightened sense of relaxation with the inclusion of various water features, from tranquil bubbling fountains to refreshing plunge pools. While water also plays a part in the sensory pathways trend, here we witness a focus on personal rejuvenation. Specifically, there is a noticeable surge in interest for incorporating saunas, hot tubs, and outdoor showers, effectively transforming the outdoor space into a spa-like environment where one can unwind without having to step outside the comfort of home. This trend mirrors the bathroom design trends observed in 2024, extending the concept of creating serene and rejuvenating spaces to the outdoors.

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