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Smart Landscaping Tips to Blend a Shed Into Your Yard

Smart Landscaping Tips to Blend a Shed Into Your Yard

Transform your garden shed into a seamless part of your outdoor space with these clever outdoor decor and landscaping tips.

Whether you’re using it as a spot for outdoor gatherings or as storage space for your gardening tools, a stylish ‘she-shed’ is a perfect addition to any backyard. Many sheds stand out awkwardly, drawing attention to themselves for all the wrong reasons. Whether it’s an unsuitable style, a mismatched color or simply being in disrepair, a poorly designed shed can mar the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space. Fortunately, with the right approach, you can transform your garden shed from an eyesore to a focal point by adding features like exterior lights and incorporating rustic materials into its design.

1. Camouflage is Key

Integrating a shed into your landscape is easiest when you work with your yard’s natural features. Begin by strategically placing the shed in a convenient but non-intrusive location, such as next to a garden bed or in a far corner of your property. To further blend it in, consider using small trees, shrubs, and planters to camouflage the base of the shed. Adding greenery will make the shed look more at home in its surroundings.

2. Oversized Planters

One great way to enhance the look of your garden shed is by using giant planter boxes. These planters are perfect for adding more color and texture to the space, and can also help the shed blend in with the landscape. For example, you can use galvanized troughs filled with flowers and shrubs to create a beautiful garden display. As a bonus, placing these planters close to the shed makes it more convenient for you to care for them. Consider planting fresh herbs and produce in containers for even more fun — garden-fresh drink garnishes whenever you like.

3. Paver Pathway

Pavers provide a clean, straightforward walkway to your garden shed. Consider laying pavers in a bed of gravel or stones around your shed for a simple and practical patio feel. For a cohesive look, use pavers in a similar size, shape and color throughout your landscape. Alternatively, you can complement the colors found on your home’s exterior. To finish off the look, include patio furniture in a similar style and hue.

4. Exterior Facelift

Enhance the appearance of your shed by installing charming window boxes. Rustic boxes provide a vintage feel and create a lovely contrast to the color of the shed’s exterior walls. For an industrial farmhouse look, attach each box to metal pipes using sturdy ropes. Window boxes are also a great way to add seasonal accents to your shed. Fill them with fresh blossoms during spring and summer, switch to frost-resistant plants in the fall, and then evergreens in the winter.

5. Shine Some Light

Outdoor lighting is an essential element for any garden shed as it ensures safety during night-time use and adds a welcoming touch to your backyard. To light up your shed, choose solar-powered sconces for every entrance or install traditional solar lights along the perimeter. If you prefer electrical lighting, make sure to consider the shed’s location before building. It’s much easier to work with outdoor outlets that already exist than to install cables for new ones.

6. Plan the Parties

String lights can add a cozy and whimsical touch to your she-shed and create the perfect atmosphere for outdoor gatherings. Hang them around the exterior or connect them to a nearby patio or pergola to keep the party going into the night. Solar- or battery-powered options are the easiest to install and maintain, but electrical lighting is also an option. Just make sure to have a professional install it for safety reasons.

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