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Now that summer is finally here, it’s time to turn those remodeling hopes and dreams into realities. First on the list? Window replacement. By simply replacing your existing windows with new, energy efficient windows, you’ll do wonders for the look, feel, and value of your home. Here’s how!

Start Saving on Energy Bills Immediately

Hot weather means air conditioning, which also means an increase in energy bills. It’s a fact that older windows generally require more energy to be used, as they are less efficient at blocking direct sunlight and more likely to allow the cooler air inside your home to escape through cracks and gaps. By installing energy efficient replacement windows, you’ll start knocking those bills down right away.

Take Advantage of the Warm Summer Weather

The majority of window replacement projects occur between May through October for a reason! Simply put, contractors prefer to work when temperatures are warm. Also, projects can be completed more quickly without interruptions from inclement weather.

Be Prepared for When the Weather Turns Cold

As the saying goes, “To everything, turn turn turn…” It won’t be long before those icy days of winter are upon us. Window replacement in the summer is also a preemptive measure for battling the bitter winter cold. One investment yields year-round benefits as you save money in the hot and cold weather.

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