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Texture Blocking: The New Color Blocking

Texture Blocking: The New Color Blocking

Texture blocking has arrived as the new cool kid in town. Riding on the popularity of color blocking, this growing trend pairs two or more materials together (such as marble and wood or brass and teak) for a chic, modern look.

This is good news for those of you torn about having to choose just one material for a room. Those days are officially over. Texture blocking, otherwise known as pairing multiple surfaces together, offers the ability to add depth and potent contrast to a room. It can be practiced in flooring, countertops, walls and more!

Counter Balance

A pretty and practical look, consider adding contrast to your large marble countertop by inserting a section of wood. The wood can be put to work as a cutting board or serving tray.

Rugged to Smooth

When looking to incorporate different textures to a room, use existing architectural features for inspiration and then simply add contrasting elements. For instance, in a room adorned with rugged brick walls, consider installing sleek subway tiles underneath for a unique texture block design.

Geometric Floor

Transitional flooring is when you seamlessly pair two types of flooring together. Depending on the types of flooring and how much of each type you use, this can result in as subtle or dramatic an effect as you wish.

Rustic Chic

An affordable and eye-catching way to bring texture into a space, adding a panel or two of corrugated tin to your wall just screams rustic charm. Pair it with reclaimed wood, concrete and copper hardware for a complete look.

Make It Marble

Highlight your bathtub and make it the center of attention by surrounding it with transitional marble tiles. Pairing the cool marble with warm hardwood creates a striking bathroom floor design. Employing a more rigid, geometric transition emboldens the display while a smoother transition mellows it.

Divided Space

Consider divvying up your space into halves, thirds or quadrants and applying a different texture to each part. There are so many to choose from: brick, slate, leather, copper. You can divide the space up any way you choose, and go with organic materials or synthetic. But one thing is for certain — the result will be incredible.

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