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These Retro Flooring Trends are Back in Style This Year

These Retro Flooring Trends are Back in Style This Year

These vintage flooring styles, featuring various patterns, textures and finishes, are making a comeback.

Selecting the right flooring is crucial for defining the feel of your home and preserving areas with heavy foot traffic. With seemingly endless textures, patterns, and finishes available, finding flooring that aligns with your aesthetic preferences and practical requirements is an important decision.

To help you choose, here’s a quick guide to this year’s top flooring trends, all of which are making a resurgence. From wood to tile and more, expect to see these classic flooring trends gain in popularity as the year goes on.

It’s common to see trends reemerge periodically. What was once fashionable, then fades, and is now fashionable again. These vintage flooring comebacks are in line with the current trend for maximalist home decor, making complete sense of their return. While trends may be fleeting, these five flooring types are set to remain popular throughout 2024.

1. Checkerboard Tile Floors

Checkerboard tiles, known for their classic design and geometric precision, are experiencing a significant revival. Reflecting maximalist characteristics, these tiles combine patterns and layers to create dynamic visual effects. This resurgence is likely driven by a fondness for retro styles blended with contemporary touches.

This timeless design has adorned floors for years and its current popularity is particularly in black-and-white hues using materials like marble or porcelain. Its crisp, grid-like pattern makes it a popular choice for areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways that are being revitalized with a classic, vintage aesthetic.

2. Original Wooden Floors

There’s a growing trend towards reviving traditional wood flooring. Many homeowners now prefer restoring original flooring rather than installing new ones, although finding the historically common narrow planks can be a challenge. Typically, these vintage floors featured 1.5″ wide planks, often made of red oak, adding a warm, nostalgic touch to any space.

However, the reddish hue of red oak isn’t always desired. To mitigate this, staining the wood is a viable option, although white oak is often more adaptable for achieving the look that many homeowners seek.

Real wood floors may be more prone to scuffs and imperfections, but it’s precisely this quality that adds character over time. A matte finish for staining is recommended over semi-gloss or high-gloss options, aligning with a growing desire to preserve the original essence and design of homes. While keeping up with trends is great, opting for timeless styles and incorporating personal tastes and design objectives into flooring decisions remains a popular approach.

3. Victorian-Style Flooring

Honoring the Victorian period, these flooring designs vary from simple monochromatic forms to more rustic designs, exuding a classic feel that combines rich hues with complex patterns. Look for Victorian-inspired flooring in entryways and foyers in the coming year, enhancing even small areas with their beauty and allure. The sophistication and meticulous artistry of Victorian tiles are key factors in their resurgence. These retro-styled floor tiles complement contemporary maximalist interior design trends due to their striking colors and distinct patterns.

4. Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo flooring is celebrated for its wide range of creative options, with its charm rooted in the ability to use multiple materials to create a unique art-like look. As a composite material made from glass, granite, quartz, or marble chips bound with epoxy resin, terrazzo brings immediate texture and contrast to any room. Its allure, drawing from mid-century influences, resonates with those who value artistic liberty in their home decor. With an increasing number of homeowners viewing their living spaces as platforms for personal expression, the popularity of terrazzo is expected to grow.

5. Timeless Hex Tiles or Penny Mosaics

Modern versions of this timeless mosaic are currently dominating the decor landscape, appreciated for their vintage charm and simple installation process. With a noticeable nod to the 1920s and a hint of art deco flair, designers are witnessing an increased demand for this style, particularly in bathroom flooring. This classic mosaic pattern, often featuring a black and white color palette, offers a flexible update suitable for both traditional and contemporary settings. For those seeking a gentler, more rounded look, the same aesthetic is available in another chic form: the round penny tile.

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