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This Year’s Best Fall Decorating Trends

This Year’s Best Fall Decorating Trends

Although pumpkins and gourds are classic autumn decorations, experts offer some unconventional ways to usher in this comfy season.

With colorful chrysanthemums, falling leaves, and cool weather setting a relaxing atmosphere, it’s easy to see why we draw inspiration from nature to add a touch of warmth to our homes every year. Sure, you could stick to the standard fare of thick tartan throws, scented candles with a hint of cinnamon, and seasonal gourds, but why not try some fresh decorative ideas this fall?

No matter your style, if you’re looking to create a seasonal atmosphere, we’ve got a wide range of decorating suggestions for you. Based on insights from professional interior decorators, we’ve identified this year’s must-watch decorating trends for fall.

1. Customized Color Schemes

While traditional fall colors like red, orange, and yellow remain timeless, there’s a rising trend towards a more subdued and refined color scheme this season. Experts anticipate that softer, neutral colors will eclipse the usual bold autumn shades.

To capture this emerging style, opt for a color palette inspired by natural elements such as rich browns, earthy greens, and warm caramel tones. If you’re uncertain about picking the right shades, simply turn to nature for guidance. Pay attention to the less obvious colors in your environment to create a unique fall palette that suits your personal style.

Another tip? Introduce some blue accents. Design experts note that combinations of brown and blue are gaining traction, while gray is falling out of favor. Although lighter blues may not traditionally align with autumn, darker navy hues can easily blend in. Navy is versatile enough to act as a neutral base that enhances more vivid fall shades.

If you’re apprehensive about stepping away from traditional autumn colors, ease into the change by starting with a shade you already love. Then simply seek out its darker, warmer equivalent. For instance, if you’re fond of green or purple, look for forest green or deep plum shades. This method allows you to maintain the seasonal vibe without feeling like you’ve strayed too far from your comfort zone.

2. Quality Textiles That Will Last

Autumn is an ideal time for updating soft furnishings like cushions, blankets, and carpets to add extra warmth and texture to your living space. This year, consider deviating from the typical fall shades like deep yellows, rust, and wine red, and opt for a timeless collection of neutral tones instead. For instance, trade in your checked or patterned synthetic throw for a simple, woolen one in a neutral hue. With a focus on sustainability, expect to see seasonal fabrics like velvet, wool, and cashmere in adaptable colorways that can be used throughout the year. This mindful approach not only offers a long-term decorating solution but also adds lasting quality to each piece.

3. Darker Wood Furniture and Weathered Finishes

To capture the essence of autumn this season, consider using deeper wood tones and distressed finishes. The transition to cooler weather typically encourages a focus on creating a more cozy and relaxed living space, which tends to result in more layers. If this appeals to you, aim for furniture and accents in darker wood shades, as well as antique or repurposed items with a worn finish this year.

4. Geometric Details

One more decorating trend to watch for this fall involves the use of geometric shapes and designs. Beyond the traditional triangle eyes of a carved pumpkin, bold angles and shapes are making their way into home decor. You can introduce these elements in various ways, from angular lighting fixtures to blinds with striking patterns or throws featuring unconventional plaid hues.

5. Formality Makes a Comeback

The aftermath of pandemic living has revitalized our approach to entertaining, heralding the return of more formal spaces. After years of makeshift workstations and multi-purpose rooms, there’s a renewed enthusiasm for using spaces as they were originally intended. Traditional elements like fine china, silverware, and crystal are re-emerging and being brought out more frequently for gatherings.

Consider this shift towards formality as a significant decorating opportunity this fall. Whether it’s larger investments like dining chairs and sideboards, or smaller accents such as ceramic dishes, table linens, and decorative napkin rings, use the autumn season to assemble a collection that holds special meaning for you.

6. Gorgeous Glassware

Also this fall, anticipate creatively designed table settings featuring unique and playful glassware. Be on the lookout for stemware in amber or smoked glass tones, or transparent mugs featuring a splash of color on the handle. Ideal for enjoying seasonal beverages like apple cider or bourbon, distinctive glassware adds an element of surprise to your autumn decor. Fall get-togethers are ripe for social media-worthy moments, and with such eye-catching glassware, your guests won’t be eager to put their drinks down.

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