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Tips for Picking Effective House and Deck Color Pairings

Tips for Picking Effective House and Deck Color Pairings

Unsure about choosing the most suitable paint, stain, or deck material for your outdoor space? Consider these tips to find deck colors that are a perfect fit.

When executed correctly, the combination of colors for your home and deck can enhance your outdoor environment, harmonize with your house, and create visual appeal. However, the wrong choice of color or material might make your deck a burden to maintain and an unwanted focal point. The optimal deck color arrangement is influenced by a variety of factors, such as your home’s current color scheme and exterior features, along with how frequently the deck is used. Employ these tips for picking deck hues to determine the paint, stain, or material that is most compatible with your home and lifestyle.

Find Harmony

The colors of your deck ought to seamlessly integrate into your home’s exterior color design. To aid in your selection of paint or stain colors, take into account the current shades on your siding, trim, and other exterior components. You can either draw from a color already used on your home’s facade for your deck, or pick a complementary accent color that aligns with your home’s aesthetic. If you’re simultaneously updating your home’s exterior and the deck, make sure to include deck colors in your decisions for the new overall color scheme.

Deck Materials Matter

The degree of versatility you have regarding your deck colors is reliant on the material. For instance, wood and composite decking can be covered with a broad spectrum of paints or stains. Concrete decks too can be stained, though the color of brick pavers tends to remain constant. If you’d like to effortlessly alter your deck colors whenever the feeling strikes, wooden decks usually provide the greatest selection of paint and stain colors, along with the easiest application.

Keep Wear and Tear in Mind

Various sections of your deck are used differently, which means the tone and finish should be taken into account when determining your deck color. For example, stairs often endure more traffic than railings, suggesting they may need a stronger seal or more frequent restaining. It’s important to bear in mind that all decks require routine cleaning, and any finishing will periodically need maintenance and reapplication.

Apply Rules of the Color Wheel

To find an effective mix of colors for your house and deck, one approach is to select a three-color palette: primary, secondary, and accent. These can be applied to existing or new elements such as siding, doors, trim, outdoor furnishings, decking, and more. The color wheel’s guidelines can assist you in developing a harmonious palette, using either analogous or complementary color combinations. It’s beneficial to use a similar color approach for your deck’s design, incorporating a predominant color as the main shade, and supplementing it with two additional colors, which can be featured in items like outdoor cushions, planters, and various accessories.

Look to the Surrounding Landscape

The landscape around your home can also affect your choice of colors for both your house and deck. For instance, a mostly green environment may inspire you to select deck shades like red or orange, which counterbalance the prevailing color. On the other hand, a vibrant area could lead you towards a more subdued deck color scheme with brown or gray hues. Furthermore, if there’s a direct connection between your deck and house, you can use the color of your indoor floors as a guide to choose the most suitable shade for your deck.

Test Colors First

Before settling on a paint, stain, or any other finish, it’s a good idea to apply the finish on a small, discreet section of the deck. Observe it from various perspectives and at different times throughout the day to assess its appearance. Some retailers provide online tools to virtually try out colors. Remember, the type of deck material can affect the final color. For instance, wooden decking may have a tint that alters how a specific stain color appears.

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