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Top Outdoor Design Trends

Top Outdoor Design Trends

Looking to spruce up your outdoor space? Check out these five trending designs, from edible landscapes to meandering garden paths.

As spring takes hold, people are eager to return to outdoor living, even if summer hasn’t quite arrived yet. The bad news? Winter has left our outdoor areas looking somewhat lackluster. The good news? Now is the ideal time to consider ways to refresh and make better use of these areas. Whether you want to completely revamp your landscape, add some new plants, or simply replace your old patio furniture, it’s time for a fresh start.

1. Landscapes of Edibles

Homeowners are requesting one particular trend: edible landscapes. This trend is endearing because it reminds many people of their childhoods, where they would spend summers gathering blackberries, adding garden-grown veggies to salads, and even using sugar-frosted flower petals as cake toppings for special occasions.

While extra food is definitely a benefit, edible landscapes have a lot to offer besides that, such as bringing joy and a sense of achievement. Whether it’s a group of beautiful herb pots, vertical plantings on a wall, or a small rooftop garden, people are reconnecting with nature — and possibly even curbing inflation on grocery store produce.

2. Curvy Furniture

Curved furniture, from sofas to chairs and tables, has been a prominent trend in interior design over the past few years. It provides a fresh, contemporary feel and is visually captivating. Now this aesthetic is showing up in outdoor furniture as well, and people are using curved back chairs for outdoor dining and entertaining. Not only do they make it easier to move around, but they also soften the space’s overall appearance and inject interest into a rigid yard line.

3. Wandering Garden Paths

Meandering garden pathways are predicted to be a significant trend as well this year. Not only are they charming, but can also make any backyard or garden feel distinctly unique. Pathways provide an opportunity to see your garden from a fresh perspective, while also softening the space and adding visual appeal.

4. Layers of Lights

Adequate lighting is essential to make your backyard, porch, or patio a more comfortable place to spend time, whether it’s for dinner parties or spontaneous late-night gatherings. Lighting not only adds to the ambiance, but also makes bigger spaces safer, particularly for children. Using back, up, down, string, and floodlighting can create a sophisticated, layered appearance. They also offer an attractive evening glow when the rest of the garden cannot be fully seen. String lights especially make a cost-effective option that you can easily install yourself.

5. Outside “Rooms”

Another way to maximize an outdoor space is by designating areas where kids can play and other activities can take place. This strategy involves breaking up the property into individual spaces, each with its own function and style. Typically, designers will begin their design process by consulting with clients to understand their needs and preferences, as well as how they envision using their outdoor space. Larger yards can be divided into distinct zones based on different purposes and activities, such as an area for entertaining guests or a dedicated play space for the kids.

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