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Top Paint Colors That Can Increase Stress Levels

Top Paint Colors That Can Increase Stress Levels

Want a relaxation space? Steer clear of these paint hues.

Our homes are meant to serve as our havens — areas where we can unwind and de-stress following a hectic or challenging day. One simple way to cultivate a relaxing atmosphere is by painting your walls with a calming color, such as beige or a variant of white — maybe a pale blue. However, in our quest for the ideal paint hue, we sometimes mess it up and the result is anything but serene. Painting over it can be expensive and time-intensive, making it essential to choose correctly the first time. To help you get it right, here are the paint colors you don’t want to pick for a serene atmosphere.


While a vibrant shade of yellow might initially seem soothing, it typically fails to induce a state of relaxation. In fact, color specialists consider it one of the least conducive colors for a calming environment. Its stimulating nature could jolt you into an alert state, potentially leading to over-stimulation.

Orange and Red

Red can serve as a striking design choice, but it’s not an ideal pick for areas requiring a peaceful and relaxed vibe, like bedrooms or bathrooms. Research indicates that colors significantly influence our emotional state and overall well-being. If a laid-back feel for your home is what you’re after, vibrant colors such as red and orange tend to make us more alert, which could inadvertently spark anxiety.

Nonetheless, if you’re particularly fond of red and find it hard to completely let it go, a shade of terracotta can be quite soothing. Hence, clay-colored tones could be a suitable alternative.

Bold Hues and Glossy Finishes

The more vibrant the color, the less likely it is to bring relaxation. Avoid bold, avoid glossy, and there’s no reason to make a big statement. Those magnificent jewel tones? Keep them outside of the bathroom.

Really Dark Shades

Exceedingly deep colors can also provoke negative emotions in individuals. Even though black rooms have gained popularity in recent years, they’re usually not advised for primary living areas where a friendly, positive environment that encourages interaction is desired.

If you’re seeking a hue that’s stylish yet soothing, and you’re inclined towards a darker shade, consider a refined color like hunter green.

To instill a dark and broody feel that is also tranquil, think about incorporating a dark leather couch, window treatments in deeper shades, and even accessories in black and brown, such as candles. Just remember to avoid such tones when it comes to painting.

Easy Color Test

If you’re uncertain whether a color will provide a soothing effect, try applying the fast food comparison. If the color resembles those often found in a fast food establishment — steer clear of it. Fast food chains typically use shades that are invigorating, encourage hunger, and draw attention — the exact opposite of the calming influence you’re aiming to achieve.

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