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Trend Alert: Checkerboard Pattern is Having a Moment

Trend Alert: Checkerboard Pattern is Having a Moment

The classic checkered aesthetic is back on top. Here’s our top suggestions on embracing this theme in your decor.

The checkerboard pattern holds a rich legacy in the realm of design, continually emerging through various trends as a steadfast element of style. Lately, this highly contrasted grid, evoking imagery of a chess board, has reclaimed its spot in the limelight—but now being seen in mediums like paint, fabrics, wall coverings, and ceramics. Here’s what you need to know about the current appeal of the checkerboard motif, as well as how to blend it into your home decor.

Checkerboard Pattern History

Patterns like plaid, gingham, and buffalo check have long adorned homes, adding a distinctive charm to the decor. Checkerboard flooring, especially, gained popularity during Europe’s Renaissance era, with a standout instance being the black-and-white marble flooring of the Grand Trianon in the Palace of Versailles, France. Transitioning into the 1920s, American homes favored black-and-white linoleum or ceramic tiles as a trendy choice for adorning kitchens and bathrooms.

While recent times saw a shift towards solid colors and wooden flooring, overshadowing the charm of checkered linoleum floors, the revival of the checkerboard pattern is altering this preference in certain spaces. Now, the eye-catching, high-contrast design is reemerging, lending a remarkable flair across numerous design elements, encapsulating a vibe that’s both nostalgic and classic.

Why It’s Trending Now

The recent comeback of the checkerboard motif exemplifies how fashion trends often seep into interior design. Over the last few years, Gen Z has been breathing life back into the late-90s and early-2000s trends. Among these is the checkerboard pattern, typically linked with skateboarding sneakers and studded belts. This time around, however, the checkerboard design is being modernized with inventive color schemes and a slightly distorted, more psychedelic twist on the conventional square grid.

The checkerboard motif stands as an enduring design element that has adorned decor for hundreds of years. It emerges as a comforting and nostalgic selection amidst prevailing global uncertainties. While other timeless patterns like plaids and stripes seamlessly blend in, often mimicking a solid color in a room, checkerboards, akin to polka dots, bring a dash of whimsy. They exude a playful vibe, adding visual allure without tipping towards being overpowering or overly intricate.

Decorating Tips

Relative to other designs, checks are fairly straightforward to create — a simplicity that further boosts their popularity, especially given the current wave of amateur DIY home decor endeavors. It’s a beginner-friendly pattern to tackle and execute well. This enduring and adaptable design gels well with a range of aesthetics, from understated modern decor to audacious maximalism, making it a hard-to-mess-up choice for new DIY enthusiasts.

🔹 Checked Tiles

Checks embody a timeless and enduring design, with “timeless” and “enduring” being the top desires expressed by homeowners revamping their spaces. Checkerboard tiles lend a sophisticated touch to an area, infusing it with an engaging depth and dimension without the busyness that often accompanies printed tile patterns. In addition, their timeless essence enables them to integrate well with evolving decor trends, rendering them a wise long-term investment.

Presently, checkerboard tiles are finding their way onto pantry and laundry room floors, transforming mundane spaces into lively zones, especially when explored in color variations beyond the traditional black-and-white. They are also a favored choice for main entryways, where a blend of black granite and white marble tiles creates a welcoming elegance. Taking the checkerboard design outdoors, installing it on patios using terrazzo textured tiles in contrasting shades can also craft a striking outdoor statement.

Yet, the application of the checkerboard pattern needn’t be restricted to flooring alone. It serves as an attractive backsplash in kitchens when used in a smaller square format and softer shades, like white paired with light gray. For those operating on a tighter budget and seeking a rapid, cost-effective kitchen refresh, considering a peel-and-stick wallpaper alternative for your current backsplash could bring a distinctive character to the space.

🔹 Painted Floors

Checks are a cheerful, recognizable design that fits in with settings ranging from quaint cottages to sprawling mansions. Checks have the knack for visually enlarging a compact area while injecting instant charm into a more expansive space. A favored application of this pattern is painted check flooring, often found gracing playful children’s rooms, or spacious family rooms and kitchens. Unlike tiles, opting to paint hardwood offers boundless color choices and the flexibility to adjust the scale to your preference. Additionally, it instantly evokes a relaxed, coastal ambiance that’s inviting. The warm and comforting nature of painted flooring invites one to tread on them barefoot, in contrast to the chilly and rigid feel of tiles.

🔹 Checkered Textiles

Though the iconic checkerboard flooring stands as the most popular application of the pattern, its appeal is broadening to soft furnishings including drapes, upholstery, towels, rugs, and bed linens. The trend took off with plush checkerboard rugs, offering a homage to the classic checkered floor aesthetic without the commitment of time, finances, and effort required in tile installation.

Venture beyond the conventional by selecting a checkerboard pattern to upholster an accent chair in your living room or bedroom. A subdued, abstract check aligns well with modern or minimalist styles, whereas a more pronounced checkerboard collage pattern complements eclectic styles and whimsical spaces excellently.

🔹 Checkerboard With Other Prints

Combine a large-scale checkerboard print with other uncomplicated designs, like striking stripes in vibrant colors, to achieve a color-blocked appearance. You might also consider overlaying a classic checkerboard with a vintage floral check. A checks-on-checks technique can be especially invigorating for a bedding set, though this idea extends well to other soft furnishings such as pillows, throws, and window treatments.

🔹 Simple Color Palette

Checkerboard designs typically feature a two-tone or monochromatic color scheme, facilitating effortless mixing and layering in spaces like bedrooms or living rooms. However, don’t confine yourself to the customary black and white checked pattern. Employing this motif in a lively color is a simple method to infuse vibrancy into a space without it becoming overpowering.

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