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Trend Alert: Introducing the Grandmillennial Style

Trend Alert: Introducing the Grandmillennial Style

Move over minimalism, there’s a new trend in town — one that embraces vintage elements like wicker, chintz and needlepoint in a whole new way. Use this guide to see what it’s all about and to incorporate it into your own home decor.

Young people are seeking an emotional connection to their interiors and looking to their childhoods for inspiration — think Grandma, but in a cooler, chic way. All of those mismatched hand-me-downs from family members, such as Grandma’s hutch and china, Great-Aunt Martha’s hand knit afghan, Grampa’s old rocking chair? They’re all part of this charming and eclectic look.

So how can you create your own version of the grandmillennial style in your home? Here are a few ways:

Start with Simple Updates

While completely reversing drastic layout changes or wall colors may not be an option, updating your home with vintage touches can easily be done. Patterned curtains, antique frames, etched vases and tapestry pillows are all simple additions to make.

Rethink Your Furniture

Real wood furniture and couches that are comfy and liveable are a signature feature of grandmillennial style. That’s right, no more stark, square cushions or cheap particle board. If your budget doesn’t allow for new furniture, set out on a hunt for clean, well-maintained older chairs and tables in thrift stores and antique shops.

Classic Rugs

While grandmillennial style does incorporate actual vintage items, it also encompasses newer versions of older styles, such as the classic braided rug. Yes, you can still find vintage braided rugs in good shape, but there are also brand new braided rugs being made today using the same traditional techniques as the older ones. Either way, you win!

Mismatched Perfection

Young people heading out on their own commonly inherit a lot of cast-off furniture from family members, creating an eclectic mix of styles and colors. If that’s the case in your household, consider yourself perfectly in style. To make your mismatched collection feel even homier, consider choosing a few vintage pieces that better reflect your own tastes.

True Antiques

One of the most interesting parts about the grandmillennial decor concept is that the furniture is actually old, unlike other vintage-based trends where modern interpretations of older styles are used, often built with cheaper materials. That means there’s a good chance the best pieces for this style were actually built by hand, and most definitely built to last.

Dedicated Dining Space

Not a fan of open-concept? Then you’re the perfect candidate for the grandmillennial trend. Get ready to see a major reboot in formal dining spaces, especially in markets with more spacious homes and apartments. For those with limited space, you can imitate the feeling by putting out actual place settings and creating a dedicated dining space, even if it’s just your kitchen counter.

Add More Patterns

Be on the lookout for tapestry prints, toile, gingham, florals, and other ornate prints in fabrics, artwork and other decor. Keep in mind that with grandmillennial, matchy-matchy is no longer off limits. However, mixed patterns look equally as good and inject a bit more modernity to the style.

Basket Bonanza

Wicker is a huge element of grandmillennial, but if you aren’t comfortable committing to the full look with wicker furniture, consider dipping your toe in the water by using woven baskets as wall art.

Knick-Knacks are Back

We know, you just went through the decluttering craze and probably got rid of a ton of pretties. But it’s time to start collecting those vintage books, vases, candlesticks and figurines again. The sky’s the limit with grandmillennial. While it’s understood that the only real purpose of knick-knacks is to look nice, for some it’s a welcome change from the utilitarian minimalism that has been trending for several years.

Dark Wood

Antique store furniture finds with a darker finish sets the grandmillennial look firmly apart from the midcentury modern trend’s lighter wood reproductions that have dominated the last decade.

Gobs of Glassware

Collecting glassware is the perfect introduction to vintage style, whether you go for a crystal clear look, monochrome, or a rainbow effect.

Jumpin’ Jadeite

Look for this pretty mint hue to be everywhere soon. It makes a great accent color for cabinets and trim, while also coordinating beautifully with vintage jadeite glassware and other vintage elements. While out antiquing, keep your eyes open for actual jadeite dish sets.

Classic Bedframes

For a big dose of grandmillennial style in the bedroom, say goodbye to your platform bed and hello to a more classic style bed featuring a brass or iron bedframe.

Welcome Back, Wallpaper

A hot trend on its own for a while now, fun printed wallpaper fits right into the grandmillennial style. It may even have been the trend that tipped home decor toward traditional styles this past year. Whether you use wallpaper on every wall or just to cover an accent wall, you’ll most certainly be able to find the perfect one for your space with the wide range of wallpaper styles available nowadays.

Caning is Cool

A technique that goes back hundreds of years, going in and out of style many times, consider caning back with a vengeance. Traditionally featured on furniture like chairs, this newest surge of popularity sees caning incorporated on furniture, shelving and new decorative accessories like flower pots and vases.

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