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What Chores to Tackle if You Have Just 10 Minutes to Spare

What Chores to Tackle if You Have Just 10 Minutes to Spare

The next time you find yourself with a spare 10 minutes, consider taking on one of these simple tasks. Every little bit adds up when it comes to maintaining a clean home!

Sanitize Spots Frequently Touched

Frequently handled objects like doorknobs and light switches can never be cleaned enough. Just a quick wipedown with a cloth and disinfecting spray goes a long way in cutting down on the spread of germs. The best part? You don’t necessarily have to wait to find a free 10 minutes to carry out this task — it’s a perfect candidate for multitasking. Simply break out the spray and cloth while chatting on the phone or waiting for dinner to bake in the oven.

Make the Bed

As much as we grumble about it, making the bed serves as a pick-me-up for the entire bedroom. So go ahead and tidy up the pillows and straighten the top sheet and comforter. It’ll change the feel of the room and give your whole day a boost. If you’re feeling really ambitious, changing out the sheets can probably be done in 10 minutes as well.

Wipe Down Windows

Another chore that gets a bad rap, wiping down windows is actually pretty easy and the results can refresh an entire room. Just don’t take things too far — stick with the window panes that see the most action, like the one the dog presses his nose against or the kid-level ones filled with tiny fingerprints.

Scrub Your Cooktop

Another simple task that makes a big impact is cleaning your cooktop. Simply take a damp cloth and use it to remove any dust or dried food fragments on the surface. Then, get to work on the tougher spots with a grease-cutting cleaning spray.

Window Treatment Refresh

Give your window treatments a quick top-to-bottom refresh with a lint roller. Doing so not only gets rid of any collected dust, but also fur from pets — something pet owners may not even know is accumulating. The sticky lint roller makes maintenance an easy task and stretches out the length of time between full-on washings, where it’s necessary to take down the window treatments completely and give them a thorough cleaning.

Straighten Up the Entryway

In most homes, the entryway can easily get out of hand. After all, it’s the place where the entire household drops their keys, shoes, jackets, bags, mail and more. Taking 10 minutes to straighten things up goes a long way in preventing chaos. As a bonus, this task is kid-friendly! Make it fun by timing them and challenging them to get it all straightened up before the buzzer goes off.

Shine Stainless Steel Appliances

With handy stainless steel sprays and wipes readily available these days, this chore is an easy one. Simply wipe down your stainless appliances and remove those accumulated fingerprints and smudges. Try to find a time when the kids are otherwise entertained so that the fingerprints don’t reappear instantly.

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